Main article: Blaster (G1)/Generation 1 cartoon continuity Blaster was a fun-loving, hip and happening robot. His body was later strung up by the Quintessons as a taunting gesture to the other Autobots. Blaster's first appearance was in episode 20, "Dinobot Island, Part 1" with no particular origin, simply appearing among the Autobots. 47,00 EUR. [4], Blaster was voted the 5th top Transformer who was “bad ass” in the comics by Topless Robots. D'occasion. For the first time we also see Blaster's own cassettes, Eject, Rewind, Ramhorn, and Steeljaw. * Customers are advised that refunds and credit notes will only be given where proof of purchase (receipt, credit card statement, etc) is provided. In the comic, Blaster's alternate form is a tank with a pair of large sonic cannons. Learn how to update your browser. Click & Collect. Well this is the perfect toy for them! Dinobots Robot Blaster Transforming Toy Gun SAR 109 SAR 87 Save SAR 22 (20.18%) – Earn 8 Shukrans What is Shukran? Discover more posts about dinobots-blaster. As a reward, he locks Blast Off into his Decepticon shuttle mode and took them into space. Blaster is destroyed in the Japanese The Transformers: Headmasters series during a fight with Soundwave (who also perished in the fight) and rebuilt two episodes later as Twincast, with a blue/white color scheme as opposed to the red/yellow previously. After the betrayal of the Decepticons, the Autobots follow them to the planet Klo, where they were ambushed. Combine to form Dino King! Blaster manages to talk Beachcomber into resisting the control, which nearly burns out his mind. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. A new version of Blaster was introduced in the Transformers: Universe toyline. Blaster appears in the novel Transformers: Retribution as part of the crew of the Ark. Transforming Toys Lot of 5. The Autobots (also known as Cybertrons in Japan) are the heroes in the Transformers toyline and related spin-off comics and cartoons.Their main leader is Optimus Prime, but other "Primes" have also commanded the Autobots such as Rodimus Prime. Blaster was seen among the Autobots being repaired on the Ark when Optimus Prime sent Landmine and Cloudburst on their mission to obtain computer chips to repair fellow Autobots in issue #52, "Guess Who The Mechannibals Are Having For Dinner?". Due to trademark reasons, he is sometimes called Autobot Blaster. Blaster is sometimes depicted as carrying various tape warriors within his deck, including (Steeljaw, Ramhorn, Rewind and Eject). Grimlock is not pleased, and it was quickly realized he had to be defeated. It's really to bad that the figure kind of sucks. £34.99. In order to lure Optimus in, Chumley captures the Autobots Tracks, Bumblebee, Jazz, Beachcomber, Grapple, Blaster and Inferno. Click & Collect. They also ran because they fear Grimlock's anger. Small parts may cause choking. Log ... Hailing (I think) from one of those various Korean transforming robot lines, this Parasa-gun here is one of several Dinobot Blasters- robotic dino-bros who transform into full-size, working Nerf-style guns! He is soon freed, only to be deactivated by the Underbase powered Starscream. Later, spying on Straxus' use of the Space Bridge, the Autobots decide to attack and blow it up. With the Space Bridge blowing itself up, Blaster has no choice but to lead his comrades (Beachcomber, Cosmos, Perceptor, Powerglide, Seaspray and Warpath) across the Bridge to Earth.[7]. Dinobot Blaster Gun. Opens image gallery. During the conflict, Maximus sent a unit of his troops back to Nebulos so that Prime will be resurrected via the Powermaster process. Sent to recover Blitzwing, he plans to send the Decepticon to Cybertron on the Stellar Spanner with an amplifier which will destroy everyone on the planet, including Blitzwing! Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops Action Figures! Voice Actor: Buster Jones (US), Keiichi Nanba(Japan) Blaster was a fun-loving, hip and happening robot. Loud and energetic, he was quick to immerse himself in Earth culture, and was happy to share his choice of rockin' tunes with anyone, whether they really wanted to hear them or not—a trait that got him … Dinobot bio Also, I just wanna say how much I love the idiots who talk about rolling on boss drops in Molten Core. 9,85 EUR. In these types of sandblasters, the blaster media is put inside of a container. After capturing the Aerialbots as well a new problem arose. Aside from the blue/yellow color scheme, the Twincast toy also differs from the Blaster/Broadcast toy in that the tape compartment can hold two cassette Transformers simultaneously. He also had a prominent role in "Auto-Bop". Prime soon returns and retakes command, sending Blaster to investigate the Decepticon island resort Club Con, seemingly run by Buster Witwicky. The plastic used is Non-Toxic, recyclable ABS Plastic. He was present when Optimus Prime returned with the Last Autobot and routed the Decepticon forces. Blaster (Tempo in France, Radiorobot in Italy, Broadcast in Japan, Össztűz in Hungary), like the Autobot Jazz, has a great love of Earth culture, rock music and other forms of music as long as it is hard. Sell it yourself. In the Marvel Transformers comics Blaster originally appeared in issue #17, attempting to rescue his friend Scrounge, who was to be executed by Straxus. This is a sortable list of characters and toys in the Beast Wars franchise, part of the larger Transformers franchise, from Hasbro.This includes characters appearing in an animated series, comics or video games. This was not the end for Blaster; he is one of the Autobots revived by Nucleon by Grimlock and the other Dinobots. NEW BOXED Dinobots Gun Soft Bullet Family Fun Robotics Game Transformable Toy Gun Can Shoot EVA Soft Bullet.Change Into Dinosaur Dragon Gift For Boy Includes 20 Bullets Target Group: Boys Age Group: 8 to 12 Years Suitable For 6 years + However, he helps his comrades from "beyond the grave", allowing his cassettes Steeljaw, Eject and Ramhorn to assist in taking back the city. He is evil, sadistic and speaks with a thick German accent. Picture Information. Champions RPG character sheet for Blaster. Real Working Dart Shooters! £3.10 postage. He is stopped by Soundwave and Thunderwing and thrown into the Spanner, which ends up placing him on Earth's moon. Grimlock follows him, and they fall into a lost chamber where Quintessons banished their criminals to other dimensions. Circuit Breaker, a super-powered human whose crippling in an attack by Shockwave had left her with a pathological hatred of all Transformers, then attacks and defeated them. There, they are attacked by Grimlock and the Ark. Upon Megatron's orders, Soundwave releases Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, and Ratbat to jam the transmission to prevent him from establishing contact with the Autobot Moonbase. 1. While battling over Earth it is shot down by human defense systems.[21]. Returning to Cybertron, he battles against the coming of Unicron. Blaster decided to share his music by transmitting the show to the other Autobots but drove everyone but Cosmos and Jazz, who liked his taste in music, crazy also because the music was so loud they were unable to respond to a Decepticon attack as they got away with stealing a powerful decoder. See a recent post on Tumblr from @bwprowl about dinobots-blaster. Blaster swears to get revenge on Soundwave. Blaster, Ultra Magnus, Eject, Rewind, Ramhorn, and Steeljaw follow, and using Blaster's amplification, they help the Golden One defeat the Red Wizard. Arcee's unintentional dereliction of duty allows a Quintesson sneak attack to catch the city unawares, and Blaster appears to get killed trying to radio for help. For reasons of hygiene and safety, personal grooming products, cosmetics or items of intimate clothing cannot be returned. He was not seen for the rest of the film. $16.50 5 bids + $6.00 shipping . 7 watching. Not suitable for children under 6 years. He is subsequently attacked by both the Combaticons and the Protectobots, who had been sent by Grimlock to arrest him. Blaster then battles Straxus one-on-one, seemingly destroying him. Chumley then set his sights on the ultimate trophy, the head of Optimus Prime. ", Perceptor summons his fellow Autobots Blaster, Hot Spot, Jetfire, Omega Supreme, Ratchet and Silverbolt in order to decide who should take leadership of the Autobots. Vintage Transformers G1 Weapon Dinobot Slag Rocket Launcher Electron Blaster. Get the best deal for Snarl Action Figure Accessories from the largest online selection at Accessories: "Kinetic Sword", "Blaster Gun" ; The original Slag toy went through several iterations in the Generation 2 line.First, he was re-released in the original silver base color; the only notable difference in the toy proper is the inclusion of the "AUTOBOT" tampograph on one of his robot mode legs. Blaster was among the Autobot resistance during the Age of Interment, shown in the third War Within series. His thirst for battle is unquenchable. Then he is badly damaged by Quake's tank mode while Prowl berates Grimlock for inept strategy. Gobots Countach Toy Robot Car from 1980’s. ou Faire une offre. Although interrupted by the Decepticons Astrotrain and Blitzwing's attempt to ally the Decepticons with Chumley, Optimus defeats the big game hunter and frees the Autobots. Blaster's body was seen among the deactivated Autobots Ratchet is doing his best to revive in Transformers #56, "Back from the Dead". The comic depicts Blaster as "The Voice", acting much like a radio DJ and bolstering Autobot morale in the war against the Decepticons. After the attack, Blaster picked up transmissions from Moonbases One and Two. Conditions apply to some products: Refunds and exchanges cannot be given against Audio/DVD and Computer Games. Chumley and the stolen jet were handed over to the Soviets by the Autobots as punishment for his actions. Achetez Take Apart® 3 en 1 Blaster Dinobot - Kit de Construction lumières et Sons - Jouet Dinosaure : Jeux de construction : Livraison gratuite possible dès 25€ You ignorance is hillarious. Get the best deal for Snarl Transformers & Robots Action Figure Accessories from the largest online selection at The two combiner teams battled, with Bruticus beating Defensor. Loud and energetic, he was happy to share his choice of rockin' tunes with anyone, whether they really wanted to hear them or not. He is the Autobots' answer to the evil Decepticon Soundwave. FAST & FREE. We found something similar. He still makes the final battle along with Grimlock, Prowl and a few others. g1 transformers Toy Lot Starscream Blaster Dinobot Weapons Bombshell Shrapnel. Dinobot reste par la suite maximal durant toute la saison 1 et la gra… Newisland Dinobot Robot Blasters - 01 STEGOSAURUS - YouTube The Twincast toy was recently re-issued by eHobby. $49.00 1 bid + $10.00 shipping . 11:56 . As they were making their getaway, Dinobot threw the Data-Con to Dirge, (the latter unaware of a switch on Megatron's part) before battling … In The Transformers: The Movie, set in the year 2005, Blaster was assigned to Autobot City on Earth. All rights reserved. In the episode "Prime Target", the big game hunter Lord Chumley captures a secret Soviet jet, leading to panic and the possibility of war. This toy will keep children entertained for hours making this one of the best toys to get for a child for his/her birthday and for Christmas. He continued to appear throughout the season 3. The signal is received and Optimus Prime is able to arrive with reinforcements to defeat the Decepticons. Blaster appeared in the TFcon 2008 voice play "Primitive Recall."[10]. Is your little one a fan of dinosaurs and toy guns? NEW BOX OF DINOSAUR TOYS! Your browser is out of date. They slipped through to the sorcerous other-dimensional realm of Menonia, and are tricked into fighting on the Red Wizard's side, only to find out that he is the Quintesson criminal, who overthrew the Golden One. Blaster encounters time-traveling Autobots who intended to deal with Galvatron, a plot detailed in the UK comics. Neuf. After a mission where their cover had been blown by the Mechanic, a human, he and Goldbug, appalled by Grimlock's willingness to sacrifice humans to achieve their goals, desert. In the second Generation 1 miniseries from Dreamwave Productions, Blaster is part of a resistance group led by Hot Rod. Autobots. Dinobot clawed his way up to the top through victory after victory. After an attack by the giant Decepticon Trypticon, Grimlock is chosen to lead them. As an AM/FM stereo cassette player, he can perform as a deck, plus receive radio signals on a variety of frequencies. Blaster and Cosmos listen in on their plans to conquer the Earth but they ended up getting captured by Astrotrain when they got discovered by Megatron. A Pterosaur that transforms into a gun and features flashing lights and sounds too. They discover the Space Bridge is their comrade Spanner. It has known security flaws and may not display all features of this and other websites. Condition: Used. Bumblebee and Powerglide are dispatched to investigate mysterious energy readings emanating from the sea. Price: US $135.00 (approx C $172.25) View original item. Subject to availability - visit your nearest store. g1 transformers Toy Lot Starscream Blaster Dinobot Weapons Bombshell Shrapnel. In episode 78, Madman's Paradise, Spike Witwicky and his wife Carly host a banquet for a visiting ambassador. In the midst of their duel, Ratbat's Decepticons attacked, and the two put aside their differences to lead the Autobots to a partial victory. Ended: Dec 22, 2020, 06:39:28 PM EST. Blaster, who wanted to stop Megatron's plan and to redeem himself from before, tipped the other Autobots the Decepticons location by transmitting his music when Megatron ransomed the humans into giving all their energy reverses. He accompanies Optimus Prime during his attack on Iacon. Ending Sunday at 9:00PM GMT 5d 16h Click & Collect. Slag (Dinobot, 1993) . Blaster is captured himself and forced to watch his friend die. $27.99. Events came to a head when Fortress Maximus's group of Autobots link up with Grimlock's group, informing him that many of their group's number had been empowered by linking themselves with humans via the Headmaster and Targetmaster processes. This container is called a hopper, and it is attached to the top of the gun which is then connected to an air compressor. Blaster and Cosmos went looking for the Decepticon in space then as luck would have it they found something on the moon which turned out to be a Decepticon hideout. Mattresses, mattress toppers, duvets and pillows can only be returned if they are unused, in the original packaging and in a resaleable condition. The future Blaster from the Movie continuity would also appear in the UK comics, as one of the crew of Autobot city. After defeating the Decepticons with Circuit Breaker the Autobots were released and rebuilt into their original forms. Blaster is spotlighted in the story Blitzwing Bop where he is one of two Autobots who were not affected by a radio disruption broadcast by the Decepticon Blitzwing. Pocket Size MFT Robot Mechine Dinosaur Dinobots Grimlock 5.5" Action Figure. The animated movie guide, Page 289 by Jerry Beck, 2005, The Official Overstreet Comic Book Companion, 11th Edition, Page 257 by Robert M. Overstreet, 2010, San Diego Comicon Exclusives, Toy Review magazine issue #213, Fall 2010, page 23, Blaster at TFWIKI.Net, the Transformers Wiki. He had several important appearances in season 2, most notably in "Blaster Blues", when Spike and Carly brought Blaster to a concert because he loved music.

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