The Power of Passionate Monogamy
The Power of Passionate Monogamy
The Power of Passionate Monogamy

The Power of Passionate Monogamy

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Watch, listen and Learn as Suzie teaches you...

  • About the #1 cause of infidelity and how to overcome it… before it overcomes you.
  • Why “infidelity-proofing” makes more sense than “infidelity recovery”.
  • How to recognize the early warning signs that you’re on a collision course with infidelity. (knowing this is enough to massively decrease the odds of anything ever happening to you)
  • Which unmet needs spell the “kiss of death” for monogamous relationships.
  • The magic formula for handling boredom, stagnation and lack of newness.
  • The ONLY known cure, prevention and protection against infidelity. (Hint: It’s Suzie’s most requested secret!)
  • 3 very important things you must not do if you seriously want to keep your marriage safe from temptation.

Learn from insight rather than pain…

Suzie shares several case studies from her 1-on-1 coaching... so you benefit from these valuable insights and "lessons learned"... all without having to suffer the consequences of actual experience.


Suzie will reveal her recipe for creating and sustaining passionate monogamy. (This is your chance to finally get the inside track to discovering exactly what it takes to inspire love, trust, passion and loyalty for a lifetime.)

Best of all…

Because you’ll be receiving instant access to this powerful coaching session, all you have to do is go ahead and click on the button to enroll in the course. And in less than 5 minutes, you can be learning from Suzie on your iPhone, iPad, computer, smart phone or any other device. You can take this session with you, anywhere you go. Now, whenever you forget something Suzie taught you, you can simply refer to that section of your session again… as often as you need to. Because the more you know, the more power you have to prevent problems from occurring. And while it takes intelligence to solve a problem… it’s a sign of pure genius to prevent one in the first place. Click on the button below to get enrolled now.