My Complete 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Process Gives You A Plan, A Process & Proven Coping Strategies So You Actually Thrive After Infidelity


(Who Never Thought They Could)


But before I get into the details… let me tell you a very interesting story about a famous scientist who had a pretty unusual experience.

The question facing you today is this: How can you go about transforming your messy mistake into personal, emotional and even relationship breakthroughs?

And the scientist, while extremely brilliant and focused, was also a very messy guy. So messy that his wife constantly and bitterly complained, because whenever he worked in his lab, he would often eat on the job and wind up leaving his dirty cups and dishes laying around for days and sometimes weeks. Until one day, it so happened that he’d left a half-eaten sandwich out for so long, it started growing a strange mold. As you may have guessed by now, this mold eventually led him to the discovery of one of the great inventions of modern medicine — penicillin. The scientist was none other than Louis Pasteur.

What’s all this got to do with you and your situation? What’s the lesson here? Our mistakes can sometimes lead to incredible breakthroughs… if we’re willing to stay open and learn from them.

The question facing you today is this: How can you go about transforming your messy mistake into personal, emotional and even relationship breakthroughs? That’s a very good question, and one worth exploring. The answers (along with my best tools, tips and techniques for overcoming this) are all revealed in my 6-step wayward recovery bundle.

So, what exactly is my 6-step wayward recovery bundle?

It’s a series of 7 video coaching programs specifically designed to meet you where you are, take you by the hand and guide you through my complete wayward recovery process. I’ve spent nearly a decade honing this process, and by the time you’ve listened all the way through, you’ll know exactly what to do to transform all the guilt, confusion, chaos, disgrace and dishonor… into recapturing the love, trust and respect you’ve lost.

So who exactly is the wayward recovery course for?

Well, obviously, it’s not right for everyone. And yet you’ll know it’s right for you if… you’ve been looking for a better way to deal with the negative side effects brought on by your own mistakes.

For example, if you’re searching for ways to…

  • LIMIT THE IMPACT - You need an action plan that not only helps you limit the collateral damage and reverses the negative side effects. These coaching programs show you how to do both.
  • HANDLE THE BACKLASH - You don’t have to feel like a punching bag for your partner’s reactive backlash or negativity. These sessions show you how to stand in the storm and roll with the punches.
  • WIN A SECOND CHANCE - Second chances are like rainbows; meaning they are a part of nature that the conditions have be right for them to occur. These sessions help you create those types of conditions.
  • FORGIVE YOURSELF - Instead of drowning in guilt and wallowing in self-loathing, you can now download and listen to these sessions to and learn how to embrace forgiveness and restore your self-respect.
  • TEMPTATION-PROOF - Now, if becoming a serial cheater is NOT what you want for yourself. Then learning from my complete 7-step process for wayward partners is a must for you.

Once you’ve made a mistake like this, there are basically only two ways you can go:

  1. You learn from the mistake and therefore are able to correct the things that led to it in the first place.
  2. You fail to learn from your mistake and thereby end up repeating similar mistakes over and over again.

Now, if you elect to go with option number two… these additional mistakes could end up defining your life. However, if you’re courageous enough to commit to option number one, then it could actually end up transforming you and redefining your life.

The question you must ask yourself is this:

Are you willing and open to start learning from your mistakes?

If you answered yes… then you’ll find my 7-step wayward recovery course to be both a teaching tool and a coping tool to help you rise from the ashes of your own mistakes like a phoenix, and be reborn stronger… better… wiser… than ever before.

So now that you know you’re open and know what to expect from completing my program… let me tell you a little bit about how the whole process works.


Class Curriculum

Class Curriculum

  COURSE WORKBOOK (47 pages)
Available in days
days after you enroll
       Audio of Session
Available in days
days after you enroll
       Audio of Session
Available in days
days after you enroll
       Bonus: The Quiet 10
Available in days
days after you enroll
       Audio of Session
Available in days
days after you enroll
       Bonus: The Quiet 10
Available in days
days after you enroll
       Audio of Session
Available in days
days after you enroll
       Audio of Session
Available in days
days after you enroll
       Audio of Session
Available in days
days after you enroll
       Audio of Session
Available in days
days after you enroll
       Bonus: The Quiet 10
Available in days
days after you enroll
       Audio of Session
Available in days
days after you enroll



"The day my wife learned the truth about my affair was the best worst day ever. It was the worst because there was so much pain in her eyes and heart. It was the best because it was the first day of our new life together. Suzie WILL help you. I love her for guiding me through this crucial stage of my marriage and life and the best is yet to come!"

- Gary, Wayward Rehab Graduate


Here’s a classic example of how art often imitates life.

In Hollywood, the majority of scripts that get green lighted will have what’s known as a “redemption plot”. This will be a story about two characters both of whom have made a mistake, but one character learns and finds a way to atone, right the wrong, and correct their mistakes. They’re called the hero or the heroine. The other character does the opposite — never learns, never atones and never attempts to right the wrongs. They become the villain or the villainess. I’ve noticed a similar thing often happens in the aftermath of an indiscretion where there are basically two roles that the wayward partner can play.

The first is the role of the hero/heroine…

The person who is willing to learn from mistakes, who finds ways to atone, make amends, right wrongs, and therefore gets on the road to redemption. The other role is the role of the villain. This is the character who declines responsibility for their actions, who is unwilling to learn from mistakes, who never makes any real attempts to atone, correct or right their wrongs, and so as a result, stays on that road to dishonor.


By the time you’ve watched all the way through…

  • You’ll have the proper tools to effectively neutralize all those negative consequences that have been robbing you and your family of happiness.
  • You’ll transform your story from one of dishonor to one of redemption
  • You’ll gain valuable insight, wisdom and a better understanding of your partner’s recovery process. (and your own)
  • Many of the obsessive images and negative thinking that used to haunt you will be gone — or at least, rapidly disappearing.
  • You’ll feel more worthy of being loved and enjoy your new found sense of integrity
  • You’ll know how to deal with temptation and enjoy living a more transparent life (without any dark secrets to have to constantly try to hide)

Perhaps most importantly: By the time you’ve finished listening all the way through… you get a powerful 6-step combination of what to do and how to do it, as well as the motivation to get it done!


What You Can Expect From My Wayward Partner Recovery Process COURSE

  1. ACTION PLANS - Takes the guess work out of what to do next.
  2. COPING STRATEGIES - So you can handle the pressure, reduce stress and minimize the negative side effects.
  3. COMMUNICATIONS TOOLS - To inspire, empower, strengthen, heal and support.
  4. MOTIVATION AND INSPIRATION - To keep you moving forward rather than going around in circles.
  5. FORGIVENESS & ATONEMENT - So you can transform this experience from one of dishonor to one of redemption.

By investing in my Wayward Partner Recovery Course you're getting my comprehensive step-by-step recovery process for wayward partners. This means you’ll no longer have to rely on trial-and-error or guesswork to see you through. Instead, with my coaching programs by your side, you’ll have a clear process to follow. You’ll have access to my professional advice, insights, strategies and proven coping tools designed specifically for people in your situation (many of which you won’t find anywhere else).


I’m sure you’ll agree that the next month is going to come and go, whether you do something about the mistakes you’ve made or not.

So, at this point, you really only have two options:

  • Option #1: Do nothing and hope that the pain, hurt and stress magically disappear.
  • Option #2: Do something to ensure the pain, hurt and stress really do go away.

What you choose is up to you.

And as you consider that, consider this: Regardless of whether you do nothing or you do something, you’re taking a risk. Because if on the one hand, you do nothing… then you risk leaving your relationship up to destiny. But if, on the other hand, you do something, you’ll be taking charge of your destiny.

Either way, you’ve got to decide… while keeping in mind that indecision is in itself a decision — it’s simply the decision not to decide. Remember, the next 30 days are going to come and go, whether you decide to take action or not. So the real question to ask yourself is, where do you want to be at that point? Do you want to feel like the fate of your relationship is up in the air? Or would you prefer to know that you’ve got the fate of your relationship firmly in your hands? I have faith you’ll choose wisely.

Until we speak again.

Remember love wins!


"Suzie saved me when I was completely hopeless and helpless. I now feel like I can do this and there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I not only feel like I can do it, I now know how. Thank you. My purchase was smooth and the programs easy to access."

- James, Wayward Rehab Graduate


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
How can I get my partner to watch?
Another great question. One I get all the time. So let me say this: If you have a friend or a loved one going through this experience and you’d like to encourage them to forgive but they aren’t receptive, I caution you to tread carefully. You can let them know how it’s benefited you. You can also direct them to this site and this store. They can read about the benefits first hand. And if they find enough value, they will make up their own minds. But do know this: Even if they aren’t ready to forgive today, one day they will be ready. Let’s hope that day comes sooner than later.
Does this course come with videos or audios?
Great news! This is one of those times that YOU CAN have your cake and eat it too! Even though the entire course has been recorded in video, there are times when you'll want to just listen. So, we give you access to both the video AND the audio files. This way, you can listen privately and not have to worry about other people.
What about my privacy?
I understand your concern. This is a very private and sensitive issue. That’s why I’m fanatic about protecting your information and your privacy. I don’t share your information with anyone. (Ever!) Also you will notice at the bottom of my website the strongest website seals, and in my store, I use the latest encryption technology to protect you, so that you know when you do business with me, you’re always safe and secure.
How does the billing appear on my credit card statement?
I understand this is a very sensitive subject. So any charges from us simply show up as MWI, further protecting your privacy.
Do these courses really help people?
Yes! 100%. In fact, to date, Suzie has had more than 11,5000 people take her online courses. Many of them have contacted us to express how thankful they are for finding Suzie and her courses. It's that overwhelming positive feedback that fuels us here at Marriage Wellness Institute.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course — you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does a lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like, across any and all devices you own.
What are my payment options?
You can use any of the four major credit cards (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover) or you can pay with PayPal.
Is it better to watch the videos or listen to the audios?
Totally up to you. That's why we give you access to both the audios AND the videos. Most people like to watch the course and then use the audios to review or when they need more privacy (such as traveling or working out at the gym).
Does Suzie take any type of insurance?
No, we do not accept insurance. Keep in mind that I am a relationship expert and coach. I am NOT a medical doctor or psychologist. I have heard that sometimes insurance will help out, and it may be worth exploring, but I wouldn't count on it because most will not.


"My husband is now moving back in, he told me he loved me (hadn't for months) and that everybody makes mistakes and that he will get over this. Oh thanks Suzie, you saved my marriage."

- Monica, Wayward Rehab Graduate

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