Wind Report at 09:02 P TREE DOWNED... ABOUT 8 INCHES IN DIAMETER... NEAR INTERSECTION OF HASTINGS DRIVE AND RIDGEBURY DRIVE. But the damage it is likely to do spread over such a large area is more like an inland hurricane than a quick more powerful tornado, Marsh said. Torna… [76] A month after the storm, Cedar Rapids had completed the first pass of storm debris collection on only 37.5 percent of its streets. No damage occurred. PHOTOS: Oregon District Shooting, One Year Later. Both of those areas, while they hit a couple houses but they hit mostly commercial and industrial. Greater Albany Public Schools 401 watching Live now El Reno Tornado 2013 - Storm Spotting Operations - Full Version - Duration: 1:11:01. More Photo Galleries . "I kinda rolled down the steps and got the kids off the couch and got under the front porch area. They're out doing the things they know they can do. But that's the way it often is these days. Visitor Posts. [55] An amended declaration for Individual Assistance was approved by the White House for Linn County, Iowa alone on August 20, then expanded to 10 counties on September 1 along with concurrent natural disaster declarations from the United States Department of Agriculture on September 3. A farmhouse had its brick chimney toppled over, and a utility pole was snapped. TIME ESTIMATED BY RADAR. Video of spinup tornado in Marion, Ohio this evening. More than 200 homes were damaged, some of which sustained significant roof damage. [16][17] The derecho caused an estimated $11 billion (2020 USD) in damages. Strong winds could cause tree … "It was very surreal. Some homes had minor damage. [64] Many local businesses,[102] private individuals,[93] religious groups,[103][104][105] and non-profit organizations,[106] such as Cedar Valley Black Lives Matter,[10] The Salvation Army and Tyson Foods,[107] and United Way,[108] raised money online or provided relief efforts on their own, distributing food, fuel, toiletries, or assisting in debris removal. At Cornell College, Megan Goldberg said "an elected official wants to claim credit for disaster relief that is effective, while avoiding blame for any mismanagement of disaster relief", concluding that "even a candidate or official who genuinely wants to visit a site — either to help or to gather information — has to think about how the visit can be spun to his or her political advantage, and how to reply to criticisms of such visits. [93][109], Mid-American Energy, one of Iowa's two major electric utilities, gave away bagged ice in Cedar Rapids on August 20–21. Log In. The Ohio Youth Livestock Expo is Darke County’s socially distanced alternative: 88 Counties in 88 Days, Why Washington County’s Marietta College is optimistic for the coming year amid the coronavirus pandemic: 88 Counties in 88 Days. Ernst helped distribute food with local charities including Meals on Wheels. 99% of our customers impacted by #StormDerecho on Aug. 10 have power available again. No hail storms reported on 08/10/2020 in Ohio No tornado reports on 08/10/2020 in Ohio. There was some good news to come out of 2020: fewer lightning strikes and fewer tornadoes across the United States. [32][47][48], The Iowa Governor's office estimated on August 16 that the storm severely damaged or destroyed over 8,000 homes and caused $23.6 million in damage to public infrastructure. In Illinois, the tornado damaged the roofs of homes, snapped or uprooted trees, and wrapped metal roofing from outbuildings around trees. [125] During the 06:00 UTC convective outlook update, a slight risk for severe thunderstorms was introduced in an area spanning approximately from Kansas to central Illinois. Latest News News Homepage Coronavirus Coronavirus Blog Remaking Ohio Celebrate Ohio The 88 On the Menu Sports Health Everyday Heroes Beyond Ohio [49] Several major roads in Iowa City were closed due to storm debris, including Interstate 380 between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. [3][36][39], Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig said, on August 14, that the storm was a "devastating blow" to the Iowa agricultural industry, especially since it took place mere weeks before the beginning of the seasonal harvest. These explanations did not reassure storm-battered populations. Making a martyr out of a viscious duggie felon ! The, Illinois (N/C), Wisconsin (far SE), Indiana (NE), Michigan (far SW), "Storms are expected to continue moving from west to east across the watch area in advance of a, Michigan (S), Indiana, Illinois (S), Missouri (E/C), Kentucky (N), Ohio (W), Michigan (S), Indiana (S/E), Ohio (W), Illinois (S), Missouri (SE), Kentucky (W). Tornado came from the same storm that produced the Wheaton tornado. First of two tornadoes to strike Rockford. [64] By September 28, the city had removed 53,598 truckloads of debris for an approximate total of 230,000 short tons (210,000 t). The season was bookended by periods of cold while the heart of winter was one of the warmest on record. It was, as Hazel says, a "shock" that this occurred here. [ii][4][3] As of October 2020,[update] it is the most costly thunderstorm in US history. [36][8][37] NASA researchers are assisting in satellite image analysis of derecho crop damage. [70], Almost every structure within the 75 square miles (190 km2) Cedar Rapids city limits, including residences, 20 schools, and businesses, were damaged in some way, much of it severe, some of it catastrophic. [75], On August 21, Marion city officials announced 98 percent of its streets were cleared and over 7,000 truckloads of debris had been removed. Minor structural damage occurred. [50] Four state parks were closed through the end of August for cleanup;[51] as of December 2020,[update] all had reopened except Palisades-Kepler State Park, which has been closed indefinitely due to storm damage. [63][64] Cedar Rapids Director of Public Works Jen Winter said months of cleanup lay ahead for the city. Cincinnati. August 27, 2020. Celina homeowner John Shreves said his family built their Mercer County home 19 years ago, and in only 10 minutes, a tornado destroyed it. In the wake of disaster, the community in Mercer County united to rebuild. These are the preliminary numbers as the data will be quality controlled at the end of the year to remove any duplicate reports. Come On!!" He called on Pence and Trump to aid the affected areas. [95], On August 18, Trump arrived at midday in Cedar Rapids, joining a private meeting with Iowa senators Grassley, Ernst and Cedar Rapids Mayor Brad Hart. PHOTOS: Tornado, high wind damage in Troy and Fletcher. You probably didn't hear about it", "Inland hurricane-like storm sweeps US midwest, leaving widespread damage", "Report: Damage from August wind storm in Midwest at $7.5B", "In Derecho's Wake, More Than 250,000 in Midwest Struggle Without Power", "Midwest Derecho Causes Widespread Damage; More Than 1 Million Homes and Businesses Lose Power", "Destructive derecho blasts Chicago with winds over 70 mph; more than 1 million lose power in Upper Midwest", "Derecho produces widespread wind damage across Central Illinois", "MidAmerican sends line crews to help Alliant after storm - Iowa Capital Dispatch", "Alliant Energy on Twitter: "Progress continues. Most of the damage done was to crops and trees. [59][100], On August 14, the city of Cedar Rapids set up five resource centers to distribute basic necessities to the public. The February 2008 Super Tuesday outbreak had the largest number of tornadoes for a single event in February with 86 touching down in the two days. A history of twisters: Tornadoes in Ohio 2019 The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been tracking tornadoes for decades. [10][63][64], In a preliminary evaluation four days after the storm, the Cedar Rapids fire department declared over a thousand residences unsafe to occupy; in addition, 300 had non-structural damage and over 200 cosmetic damage. Ohio’s tornado season is defined as April through June. [18], On December 3, Taylor Burgin, Cedar Rapids's construction engineering manager, said that city crews and contractors are beginning a thorough cleanup of city parks — this is expected to add an estimated 1.5 million cubic yards (1.1 million cubic metres) to city removal metrics. Widespread damage to residential and commercial property, agriculture, and public utility infrastructure, some severe, affecting millions. By Jon Loufman | August 1, 2020 at 8:44 AM EDT - Updated August 1 at 10:34 PM CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -August’s arrival Saturday will be marked by scattered showers, mainly in … [9][10] Most of the city's roads became impassible due to storm debris. "There's a lot of unknowns in the future, but I will tell you that again, in Celina, Mercer County, I'm not seeing people sitting back saying, 'when's the next shoe going to drop.' Trees were also damaged nearby on the campus of, Large limbs and tree trunks were knocked down or snapped and house sustained minor damage in a residential area before the tornado reached its peak intensity as it crossed.