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By the time you’ve watched all the way through…

  • You’ll have the proper tools to effectively neutralize all those negative consequences that have been robbing you and your family of happiness.
  • You’ll transform your story from one of dishonor to one of redemption
  • You’ll gain valuable insight, wisdom and a better understanding of your partner’s recovery process. (and your own)
  • Many of the obsessive images and negative thinking that used to haunt you will be gone — or at least, rapidly disappearing.
  • You’ll feel more worthy of being loved and enjoy your new found sense of integrity
  • You’ll know how to deal with temptation and enjoy living a more transparent life (without any dark secrets to have to constantly try to hide)

Perhaps most importantly: By the time you’ve finished listening all the way through… you get a powerful 6-step combination of what to do and how to do it, as well as the motivation to get it done!


What You Can Expect From My Wayward Partner Recovery Process COURSE

  1. ACTION PLANS - Takes the guess work out of what to do next.
  2. COPING STRATEGIES - So you can handle the pressure, reduce stress and minimize the negative side effects.
  3. COMMUNICATIONS TOOLS - To inspire, empower, strengthen, heal and support.
  4. MOTIVATION AND INSPIRATION - To keep you moving forward rather than going around in circles.
  5. FORGIVENESS & ATONEMENT - So you can transform this experience from one of dishonor to one of redemption.

By investing in my Wayward Partner Recovery Course you're getting my comprehensive step-by-step recovery process for wayward partners. This means you’ll no longer have to rely on trial-and-error or guesswork to see you through. Instead, with my coaching programs by your side, you’ll have a clear process to follow. You’ll have access to my professional advice, insights, strategies and proven coping tools designed specifically for people in your situation (many of which you won’t find anywhere else).