The Passionate Couple
The Passionate Couple
The Passionate Couple

The Passionate Couple

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Watch, listen and Learn as Suzie teaches you...

  • Discover the 4 biggest myths about passion. (Suzie's walks you through how these can be totally debunked once and for all and why that matters to you)
  • 7 biggest differences between a passionate wife vs a prudish wife. (and how to banish boredom without losing the safety and security of monogamy)
  • How to the passionate man who is able to bring the kind of energy your wife (and every woman) secretly longs for - deep down inside. (even if she's not aware of it)
  • Learn Suzie's 4 foreplay styles and discover which ones appeal to each other (in the end, you will be comparing notes to find out how well you know each other and more importantly what you learn new about what you each respond to...
  • 3 reasons why men prefer passionate wives. (#1 is super important and it's not at all what you think it is)
  • Learn to integrate your more of your heart, mind, body and emotions into sexual intimacy.
  • Learn to silence the inner critic from the bedroom and link tons of pleasure to goodness instead of guilt.

Learn from insight rather than pain…

Suzie shares several case studies from her 1-on-1 coaching... so you benefit from these valuable insights and "lessons learned"... all without having to suffer the consequences of actual experience.


Suzie will reveal her recipe for creating and sustaining passionate monogamy. (This is your chance to finally get the inside track to discovering exactly what it takes to inspire love, trust, passion and loyalty for a lifetime.)

Best of all…

Because you’ll be receiving instant access to this powerful coaching session, all you have to do is go ahead and click on the button to enroll in the course. And in less than 5 minutes, you can be learning from Suzie on your iPhone, iPad, computer, smart phone or any other device. You can take this session with you, anywhere you go. Now, whenever you forget something Suzie taught you, you can simply refer to that section of your session again… as often as you need to. Because the more you know, the more power you have to prevent problems from occurring. And while it takes intelligence to solve a problem… it’s a sign of pure genius to prevent one in the first place. Click on the button below to get enrolled now.