Standing in the Storm
Standing in the Storm
Standing in the Storm

Standing in the Storm

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Watch, listen and Learn as Suzie teaches you...

  • What “normal” things you’re doing right now… that may actually be helping to prolong the pain, hurt and suffering you’re both going through
  • Why the negative side effects of your actions defeat even your best positive intentions (just having this insight goes a long way in helping you restore the balance of power)
  • How to overcome your own self-protective defiance and denial mechanisms (just doing this alone can save you months of future headaches)
  • How to deal with your partner’s distancing techniques (including those uncomfortable moments of silence, rage flares and outbursts)
  • Why making certain promises, pledges and compromises will NOT lead to true forgiveness
  • How to keep your thoughts, temper and emotions under control, while standing in the storm that you created
  • How to manage your own inner whirlwind (including self-destructive emotions, like guilt, self-loathing and anger)


Suzie teaches you her top military style “mental toughness” secrets. Just learning them will help you grow stronger (rather than weaker) under pressure, and show you how to actually become more in times of adversity, rather than less — so you trigger feelings of respect instead of contempt from those you’ve wronged. (Hint: this is the stuff true heroes and legends are made of.)

Best of all…

You’ll also get Suzie’s Quiet 10 bonus review session: The Quiet 10 Daily Meditation & Review for Deeper Learning by Suzie Johnson

The Quiet 10 is considered by many of Suzie’s clients to be the most important part of their mental toughness process. It's a 10-minute guided meditation and review of your session. Suzie encourages you to listen to The Quiet 10 as many times as you like (anytime you’re sure not to be distracted).

Not only will you be guided into a multi-sensory state of relaxation...

...your Quiet 10 meditation also reinforces the most important insights you’ve learned in your coaching session, and takes your learning even deeper… so it sticks. (Note: You’re going to be completely stunned by the sense of relaxation and release you experience every time you listen to The Quiet 10). Suzie suggests that you use headphones and listen often.