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The Top 10 Best Reasons to Enroll

Reason #10: Because it will dramatically cut your risk of being rocked by infidelity again.

The road to infidelity is littered with good marriages. But that doesn’t have to happen to you. By participating in the Marriage Rehab online marriage course, you will benefit from more than a decade of what my focus and experience has taught me, in terms of how you can infidelity-proof your marriage and take yourself off the “collision course” of future infidelity.

Reason #9: Because doing the weekly assignments will help to bring back fun, playfulness and laughter in your relationship, right away.

I believe if you can’t have fun together, then you have no business being married. That’s why I’ve made the weekly “assignments” into “treasure hunts.” Not only do these assignments take your learning deeper, they help you learn to work together, explore, connect and rediscover each other. (I believe this may very well be your favorite part of the entire process.)

Reason #8: Because it takes your emotional connection to a whole new level.

Without emotional depth, you only have a superficial marriage. What determines the “depth” in a marriage is the emotional openness that exists between two people. The Marriage Rehab course will teach you how to make it safe for each other to go deeper (so you can experience more love and intimacy than you think is possible).

Reason #7: Because teamwork… is what makes the dream work.

Just like one hand clapping makes no sound, one partner doing all the work in a marriage makes no sense. Not only will the Marriage Rehab online couple’s course teach you how to work together as a team, it will inspire you to collaborate, communicate and win!

Reason #6: Because you’ll learn how to design your marriage, so you both win.

I believe that marriage has the potential to be the most satisfying experience of them all. And the best way to ensure that is to design it, so you both can win. The Marriage Rehab online couple’s course shows you how to do that, by giving you — via a series of guided questions — better insight, to help reveal the best of what you both want.

Reason #5: Because it wakes up the relationship genius within.

Albert Einstein once said that genius = focus. I believe that’s definitely true when it comes to relationships. The Marriage Rehab online couple’s course will wake up the relationship genius in you, because it gives you the opportunity to spend 12 weeks totally focused on finding out what works for both of you (and not just for other couples).

Reason #4: Because it (re)ignites passion, romance and curiosity.

When couples start taking the “good” for granted, they lose their curiosity. Sadly, loss of curiosity equals loss of passion, desire and romance. But that won’t be your story. Because the Marriage Rehab online couple’s course will re-ignite that sense of curiosity in your relationship. It will show you how to combine the “new” with the “known,” and how to “refresh the familiar,” so that the good never stops growing.

Reason #3: Because you’ll learn the most important relationship skill: forgiveness.

It might surprise you to know that most “relationship failures” are due to one’s failure to forgive, more than anything else. This is why I believe the skill and will to forgive IS the most important relationship skill you can have. With the Marriage Rehab online couple’s course, not only will you learn the exact steps to forgiving, you’ll also learn how to inspire forgiveness for your own mistakes and imperfections. (This is my #1 marriage saving technique!)

Reason #2: Because you’ll get insights that will change how you think of marriage and monogamy forever.

How will your story end? Will you have a passionate or mediocre marriage? Will you create a relationship that you enjoy or one that has to be endured? Will you and your partner end up as a statistic, or will you beat the odds? Will your marriage be remembered as one of the “great love stories” or as another relationship tragedy? The answer to that question depends on which map of marriage you choose to follow. The Marriage Rehab online couple’s course will give you a new map of marriage that will not only change the way you think of marriage… it will radically redefine it. (The good news is, it’s going to be the kind of change you’ll enjoy having.)

Reason #1: Because no other online marriage workshop provides you with this specific type of education.

For sure, there are a lot of marriage enrichment, encounters and improvement courses out there. And yet, I’m here to assure you that none of them offer you the specific type of skills, secrets and insights that the Marriage Rehab course offers.