Healing the Hurt You Didn't Deserve
Healing the Hurt You Didn't Deserve
Healing the Hurt You Didn't Deserve

Healing the Hurt You Didn't Deserve

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Watch, listen and Learn as Suzie teaches you...

  • How to put an end to many of the painful thoughts and images (as well as silence that cruel and irrational voice in the back of your mind) permanently.
  • What to do when random events or environmental “triggers” cause you to spiral down.
  • The #1 secret to maintaining mental and emotional super-health.
  • How to separate “meaning” from “madness.” (a big key if you want to find closure)
  • Why unpleasant memories should never be relived. (and how to overcome the urges to do so)
  • A simple (yet highly effective) tool for diminishing the negative memories stored up about any past unpleasant experience.
  • How to purge the #1 source of negative emotions from your mind.
  • One simple rule that greatly reduces feelings of anxiety about the future.
  • What you can do to make sure happiness (not bitterness) becomes your default condition again.

Learn from insight rather than pain…

Suzie shares case studies from her 1-on-1 coaching... so you benefit from these valuable insights and "lessons learned"... all without having to suffer the consequences of actual experience.


You discover what she considers to be the ultimate “mind-healing thought” (which, after hearing and integrating it, enables you to truly understand why there are more good times ahead, than you know).

Best of all…

You’ll also get Suzie’s Quiet 10 bonus review session: The Quiet 10 Daily Meditation & Review for Deeper Learning by Suzie Johnson

The Quiet 10 is considered by many of Suzie’s clients to be the most important part of their healing & recovery process. It's a 10-minute guided meditation and review of your session. Suzie encourages you to listen to The Quiet 10 as many times as you like (anytime you’re sure not to be distracted).

Not only will you be guided into a multi-sensory state of relaxation...

...your Quiet 10 meditation also reinforces the most important insights you’ve learned in your coaching session, and takes your learning even deeper… so it sticks. (Note: You’re going to be completely stunned by the sense of relaxation and release you experience every time you listen to The Quiet 10). Suzie suggests that you use headphones and listen often.