Damage Control
Damage Control
Damage Control

Damage Control

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Watch, listen and Learn as Suzie teaches you...

  • How to avoid the 6 biggest mistakes “busted” people make at this point
  • What to tell (and what NOT to tell) your partner about your affair (this is extremely important)… as well as where and when to discuss the other “okay-to-talk-about” details
  • Four things you need to know about when making apologies and amendments (very different from what you’ve been taught about them)
  • Two little words that magically transform blame into understanding
  • The most important thing you can do to jump-start the healing and forgiving process (Hint: It has nothing to do with promising to change)
  • Her simple (yet highly effective) ways to handle the backlash of negativity… not only from your partner, but from friends and family as well (extremely important for celebrities, or anyone in a high-profile situation)
  • Her recommended projects, activities and actions that break you out of the dog house!


You’ll learn to master the art of “charismatic communication,” using Suzie’s 6 principles that inspires your partner to once again trust you, open up to you and hang on to your words like honey on spoon.

Best of all…

You’ll also get Suzie’s Quiet 10 bonus review session: The Quiet 10 Daily Meditation & Review for Deeper Learning by Suzie Johnson


The Quiet 10 is considered by many of Suzie’s clients to be the most important part of their recovery process.

This is Suzie’s 10-minute guided meditation & review of your coaching session. The Quiet 10 is considered by many of Suzie’s clients to be the most important part of their learning success and recovery process. Suzie encourages you to listen to your Quiet 10 session as many times as possible (anytime you are sure to not be distracted). Not only will you be guided into a multi-sensory state of relaxation; Suzie’s Quiet 10 meditation reviews and reinforces the most important insights you learned in your session and strengthens your motivation even more… so it sticks. (Note: You’re going to be completely stunned by the sense of relaxation and release you will experience every time you listen to “The Quiet 10″). Suzie suggests that you use headphones and listen often.